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Friday February 13th at Euclid Tavern (Cleveland, OH) with Hiram-Maxim (record release party), Goldmines

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MURDEREDMAN "Love In Danger"


"Love In Danger" 12" record
$15 ppd US | $18 ppd Canada & Mexico | $23 ppd World
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"MURDEREDMAN" 7" record | edition of 200 | self-released | June 2012
SOLD OUT - Digital download available here

"MURDEREDMAN" c32 | edition of 30 | A Soundesign Recording | June 2012
MURDEREDMAN "Dark Entries"

"Dark Entries" cassingle | edition of 20 | self-released | August 2012
MURDEREDMAN "Love In Danger"

"Love In Danger" 12" record | edition of 300 | A Soundesign Recording | July 2013

Drose v. MURDEREDMAN split c20 | edition of 50 | A Soundesign Recording | July 2013
SOLD OUT - Digital download available here

April 21st at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Racebannon, Vortex, Dead Peasant Insurance
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June 29th at The Vault (Buffalo, NY) with Space Cubs, Bertolone / Kunz / Peters, Medumpolis
June 30th at Oz Studios (Toronto, ON) with Sailboats Are White, Trans Defonce
July 26th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Doomsday Student, Tinsel Teeth, Microwaves, Griefhound
July 27th at Pussy Barrel (Rochester, NY) with Pig Banshee, Martin Freeman, Trio Chomp, Dr. Hamburger
July 28th at Charleston (Brooklyn, NY) with IconChasm, Queening, Ana Nas
August 9th at Black Cat Factory (Cleveland, OH) with Tiger Hatchery, Bbob Drake & Nate Scheible, Fire Death
August 31st at Pat's In The Flats (Cleveland, OH) WCSB Cassettefest Fest
September 22nd at Happy Dog (Cleveland, OH) with This Moment In Black History, Black Black Black
October 12th at The Summit (Columbus, OH) with Drose, Envenomist, Temple Of Ur
October 13th at RCN Cave (Akron, OH) with Torus, Drose, Satyr/Elfheim, Toxic Parents, Ryan O'Neil
October 17th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Dysrhythmia, Megachurch
January 31st at Happy Dog (Cleveland, OH) with Pleasure Leftists, Outside World
February 21st at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Lechuguillas, Lucha Eterna, Griefhound
April 5th at Grog Shop (Cleveland Hts., OH) with Floor, Thrones, Own Weather
May 29th at Happy Dog (Cleveland, OH) with Family Curse, Wooden Indian Burial Ground
June 14th at RCN Cave (Akron, OH) with Skin Graft, Jeff Young & Paul Pinto, Justin Seeker, Mr. Meen
July 6th at Happy Dog (Cleveland, OH) with Palaces, Uno Lady
July 24th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Skin Graft, Drose, Pleasure Leftists
July 25th at Ithaca Underground (Ithaca, NY) with Drose, Sun Spells, Centopeia
July 26th at Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY) with Barr Shea Dahl vs Seabrook Walter Lipson, Vaz, Drose, Hathenter
July 27th at The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY) with LAW$UITS, Drose, The Guts
July 28th at Belvedere's (Pittsburgh, PA) with Microwaves, Drose, T-Tops
September 18th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Cuntz, Ruidosa Inmundicia, Stump Burner
October 8th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Megachurch, Nicoffeine
October 26th at Grog Shop (Cleveland Hts., OH) with Melt Banana, Brain Tentacles
November 5th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Vaz, Homostupids
November 8th at Pungent Dungeon (Dayton, OH) with Muck, Sarnath, Sorcerer Torturer, Corpse Disposal
November 9th at Club Rectum (Chicago, IL) Varnish Underground with BLOODYMINDED, Raspberry Bulbs, Alberich, Panicsville, Oozing Wound, Climax Denial, Deterage, Apocalypse Of Death, Pazuzu, Rectal Hygienics, Muck, Forced Into Femininity, Reptile Worship, Lil Tits, Sea Of Shit, Plague Mother, Plagues
November 10th at Permanent Records (Chicago, IL) with Chemtrails
April 26th at Stone Tavern (Kent, OH) with Ultrasphinx, Tinko, Steven & The Damned
June 20th at Survival Kit (Cleveland, OH) with Watchword
July 26th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Obnox, ONO, Blk Tygr
July 7th at Carabar (Columbus, OH) with Drose, White Suns, Stella
August 9th at Voice Of The Valley 6 (Millstone, WV) with Laundryroom Squelchers, Carlos Giffoni, Drums Like Machine Guns, Headboggle, Lexie Mountain, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Long Distance Poison, Matt Boettke, Hogg, Jeremy Bible, Grasshopper, ADT, Watchword, Ryan Jewell, Holykindof, Justin Marc Lloyd, Zack Kouns, Pony Payroll Bones, Geological Creep, Faangface
August 29th at The Bunker (Grand Rapids, MI) with Pillars Of Ash, Denim, Whonu?
August 30th at Multi Kulti (Chicago, IL) with Rectal Hygienics, Panicsville, Partner, Morales Phallus
August 31st at Borg Ward (Milwaukee, WI) with Lamb's Legs
September 6th at WRUW Studio-A-Rama (Cleveland, OH) with Bleached, Tacocat, New Planet Trampoline, Kill The Hippies, Black Puddle Noise, Blackgrass Baptism, Bwak Dragon, Cruelster, Archie And The Bunkers, Likenesses
September 13th at Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH) with Dead Rider, Obnox
September 27th at Now That's Class (Cleveland, OH) with Drose, Hiram-Maxim
October 4th at Stone Tavern (Kent, OH) with Ultrasphinx, Jealousy Mountain Duo, Don Vito
October 28th at Euclid Tavern (Cleveland, OH) with Oozing Wound, Swindlella
December 5that Grog Shop (Cleveland Hts., OH) with Corrections House, Statiqbloom, Griefhound

MURDEREDMAN Racebannon Now That's ClassMURDEREDMAN Party Plates Happy DogMURDEREDMAN Tiger Hatchery Black Cat FactoryMURDEREDMAN Black Black Black Happy DogMURDEREDMAN Drose SummitMURDEREDMAN Dysrhythmia Now That's ClassMURDEREDMAN Lechuguillas Now That's ClassMURDEREDMAN Floor Thrones Grog ShopMURDEREDMAN Family Curse Happy DogMURDEREDMAN Palaces Uno Lady Happy DogMURDEREDMAN Drose Now That's ClassMURDEREDMAN Drose GutterMURDEREDMAN Drose BelvederesMURDEREDMAN Cuntz Now That's ClassMURDEREDMAN Nicoffeine Now That's ClassMURDEREDMAN Melt Banana Grog ShopMURDEREDMAN Vaz Homostupids Now That's ClassMURDEREDMAN Muck Pungent DungeonVarnish Underground FestivalMURDEREDMAN Chemtrails Permanent RecordsMURDEREDMAN Survival Kit

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