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MURDEREDMAN "Love In Danger" 12" record
Bee Mask v. Envenomist split 12" record
V/A "Ohio Volume One" c42 + c36 double cassette

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ASR100 Various Artists "Ohio Volume One"  | c42 + c36 double cassette edition of 200, 2014
16 compositions from artists living in or native to Ohio: Being, John Also Bennett, Blackfire, Collapsed Arc, Developer, Imvixor, Inbreeder, interstates (etc.), Ryan Jewell, C. Kirkendall, Moth Cock, The Nevari Butchers, Plague Mother, Shredded Nerve, Mark Van Fleet and Witchbeam. Curated by David Russell and Wyatt Howland. Compiled December 2013 - June 2014. Co-released with SKSK.

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MURDEREDMAN "Love In Danger"
ASR099 MURDEREDMAN "Love In Danger" | 12" edition of 300, 2013
This stunning debut LP from MURDEREDMAN is a mixture of gothic love songs and hard rock death songs that are sure to leave you breathless. John Delzoppo (Clan Of The Cave Bear / Yeti Scalp), Ron Kretsch (Self Destruct Button / Proletariat Art Threat), Rich Raponi (Self Destruct Button / Scarcity Of Tanks) and David Russell (Collapsed Arc / Jerk) find a firm footing after an inaugural year of angularity and emotion. "Love In Danger" was recorded by Dustin Rose (Drose) at the Center For Automotive Research in Columbus and by John Delzoppo at Negative Space in Cleveland. Album artwork and design by Russell & Kretsch, lovingly screen-printed by Larry at Lotus.


ASR098 Drose v. MURDEREDMAN split | c20 edition of 50, 2013
Versus Series III cassette eight: July tour cassette from two star-crossed heavy projects from the heartland. Side A is a brutally beautiful two song journey into mechanical madness from Columbus, Ohio's Drose. Side B dishes up three songs about anguish, automobiles and voluptuous beauty from Cleveland, Ohio's MURDEREDMAN. These two bands perfectly compliment each other spanning the spectrum between dark and darker.

Watchword v. Stopped ClockWatchword v. Stopped Clock

ASR097 Watchword v. Stopped Clock split | c30 edition of 70, 2014
Versus Series III cassette seven: A pleasured pairing from two hypnotic northeast Ohio acts. Side A features two progressive compositions by Watchword (Jeff Hatfield of Fragments / Outer Space collaborator). Hatfield skillfully combines guitar and synthesizer to create a thrilling journey to the horizon point. Side B presents the first release by Stopped Clock, a duo of Josh Novak (Faangface) and David Russell (Collapsed Arc). One part Dada sound collage, one part rhythmic object exploration, all parts deliriously looped. Features stolen moments recorded with Jason D. Rodriguez.

Amanda R. Howland v. FaangfaceAmanda R. Howland v. Faangface

ASR095 Amanda R. Howland v. Faangface split | c30 edition of 50, 2014
Versus Series III cassette five: This split pairs of two of my favorite northeast Ohio solo artists together. Side A is a painterly piece of atonal poetry from Amanda R. Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance). Amanda paints a lo-fi landscape with guitar noise and distorted voice that darkly dips into territory reminiscent of Harry Pussy. On Side B Josh Novak (RCN Cave / Stopped Clock) blasts, drones, loops and waits patiently while his composition unfolds into sonic disruption.

Sun Poisoning v. Beta BreakersSun Poisoning v. Beta Breakers

ASR094 Sun Poisoning v. Beta Breakers split | c30 edition of 50, 2013
Versus Series III cassette four: Side A is a sumptuous dessert from Sun Poisoning, the newest project from San Francisco's Nathan Bowers (Tusco Terror / Coagulator). Nathan ditches the busted tape decks and scathing guitar for some synthesizers with positively delightful results. Side B finds Beta Breakers, this time a duo of Greg Garbage (Vibrating Garbage / Black Thread) and David Russell (Collapsed Arc), crafting some old school duo-on-the-floor noise from a wide array of sound sources. Recorded and collaged with care by Greg and his Tascam in San Francisco.

Ay Fast v. ZVKAy Fast v. ZVK

ASR093 Ay Fast v. ZVK split | c30 edition of 50, 2014
Versus series III cassette three: These two artists couldn't be better suited to compliment each other. Side A kicks off with Buffalo's Ay Fast (Adrian Bertolone of Jerk, Ken Rei) skillfully collaging a marathon of samples, beats and loops colored in with live synth box swirls. I've been along for the ride with Ay Fast since the beginning and "Dire Docks" is hands down his most engaging and mature composition to date, it's a playfully layered piece that demands repeat listening. Side B follows fluidly with an epic barrage of percussion and electronics from Cleveland's ZVK. I was absolutely mesmerized last year when I saw ZVK play live triggering samples and beats from his drum kit, on record Zack paints an imaginative sound narrative that's hard to pull away from. Don't miss out on this split, it's one of the best and most colorful A Soundesign has ever offered!

Copkiller v. COPSCopkiller v. COPS

ASR092 Copkiller v. COPS split | c30 edition of 50, 2013
Versus Series III cassette two: It's right versus wrong on this split from two police themed projects. Side A contains three techno tinged noise tracks from Chicago's prolific Justin Marc Lloyd (Rainbow Bridge / Pregnant Spore) under one of his newest monikers, Copkiller. Side B puts crime noire through the reverb ringer as Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell (Collapsed Arc) offer up their second session of recordings as COPS.

The David Russell Snake v. DilatedearsThe David Russell Snake v. Dilatedears

ASR091 The David Russell Snake v. Dilatedears split | c30 edition of 50, 2014
Versus series III cassette one: On the A, Cleveland's The David Russell Snake (Collapsed Arc / MURDEREDMAN) kicks off the third volume of the ASR Versus series with five sputtering tracks of electronic noise loops complete with baby talk. On the B, Oakland's Dilatedears (Alienslang / Nerfbau) cuts up a cohesive collage of 9 techno tracks that runs a gamut between pensive and progressive. Cover art by Jalien Adrian.

Collapsed Arc Tension & TenureCollapsed Arc Tension And Tenure

ASR090 Collapsed Arc "Tension And Tenure" | c45 edition of 20, 2013
This limited edition spring 2013 tour cassette is a collection of short loops and performative actions skillfully stitched into a dizzying barrage of rhythmic cacophony. Recorded 2011-13 in Cleveland and San Francisco. Portions of Side A recorded by Derek Gedalecia live on Greek Mind in February 2012. Thank you Bob Bellerue, Mike Daddona and Derek Gedalecia.


ASR089 COPS "COPS" | c45 edition of 25, 2013
Howland/Russell get back to business. No Hip Hop, no Batman, no short loops, no power electronics, no bullshit. Wyatt Howland and David Russell are COPS.


ASR088 χλωρίδα και ⫪ανίδα | c45 edition of 50, 2013
This mysterious Michigan / Ohio split tape pits skillful solo tape manipulation against a trio of blackened noise droners. Insert meticulously screenprinted by Nicole Schneider at Zygote Press.

The David Russell Snake Is Slow Motion

ASR087 The David Russell Snake "Is Slow Motion" | cd-r edition of 30, 2012
The Snake rockets further into the electric horizon on this companion disc to the "Futures EP" from early 2012. Distortion layers and poly-rhythms collide into cosmic vertigo.


ASR086 MURDEREDMAN "MURDEREDMAN" | c32 edition of 30, 2012
Four song debut from the dramatic Cleveland rock quartet featuring members of Self Destruct Button, Jerk and Clan of the Cave Bear. Tour cassette companion to the self-released MURDEREDMAN 7" record.

The David Russell Snake Future EP

ASR085 The David Russell Snake "Futures EP" | cd-r edition of 30, 2012
The Snake pays admission into the future with 9 new electronic / techno compositions. "Futures EP" presents a new direction for David Russell (Collapsed Arc / Jerk)... drum loops, bass beats and mayhem abound on this stunning 16 minute EP.

Collapsed Arc "Megaton Leviathan"

ASR084 Collapsed Arc "Megaton Leviathan" | c20 edition of 30, 2011
Halford and the boys get the Collapsed Arc treatment as David Russell loops the hell out of 14 of Priest's greatest hits. A must have for metal heads in a private edition of 30… "Judas Fucking Priest!" Screenprinted and spraypainted art by D. Mound. Co-released with Tusco/Embassy.

Jerk As a Wreck

ASR083 Jerk “As a Wreck” | c24 edition of 100, 2011
Pro-dubbed cassette featuring two monumental improv pieces from Cleveland’s Jerk (Ay Fast + Collapsed Arc + Skin Graft + drummer Mike Dobrinic). “As a Wreck” showcases Jerk at their finest, a raw mind-meld of four long time collaborators cutting through the crap to craft heavily rhythmic noise rock. On the A side Jerk pummels dark drone into a colorful barrage of drums and electronics. “None” is the companion piece to Jerk’s forthcoming “Spun Mirrors” LP. Side B finds Jerk beating the life out of song structure, “Bad” was recorded by John Delzoppo.
Shadows "A Death in the Family"

ASR082 Shadows "A Death in the Family" | c40 edition of 100, 2011
The third installment in Shadows' Dark Knight themed cassette series is a robust collection of noise electronics, rumbling loops and vocal oddities recorded over the course of 2011. "A Death in the Family" showcases Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell's (Collapsed Arc) finely tuned ability to create bleak yet colorful sounds. This forty minute killer contains aggressive contributions from Roman J (Plague Mother) and harmonic vocal layers from Amanda Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance) all masterfully mixed by Russell on to pro-dubbed cassettes. Cover art by Mike Mignola. Co-released with Atavistic Transformations.

Justin Johnson "Brain" Justin Johnson "Brain"

ASR081 Justin Johnson “Brain” | c30 edition of 50, 2011
This release takes me back to my first 4 track... Beardo Bandini multi-instrumentalist and DIY music maestro Justin Johnson crafts six pieces of densely layered electronics, radiowaves, melody and discord. Recorded alone, at night in Cleveland, “Brain” is a cognitive tale full of color and depth. A weird one for sure, this release comes packaged in unique cases warped with a hand torch by Justin.

Remnants v. Collapsed Arc

ASR080 Remnants v. Collapsed Arc split | c30 edition of 50, 2012
Versus Series II cassette ten: This split offers an excellent juxtaposition of audio artworks as Ryan Marino (Imminent Frequencies) constructs a highly sophisticated drone rich with warm tone and texture backed with an A.D.D. composition of short loop pandemonium by Collapsed Arc.

Developer v. Moth Cock

ASR079 Developer v. Moth Cock split | c30 edition of 50, 2012
Versus Series II cassette nine: Dayton's Matthew Reis (Factotum / Teeth Collection) masterfully mixes an all-out assault of harsh noise bursts and ambient interludes in this title-less gem from Developer. Then get your double dose of Ohio as Kent's Moth Cock venture into celestial weirdness as only Doug and Pat can layering synth, clarinet and trumpet.

Nerfbau v. Jake

ASR078 Nefbau v. Jake split | c30 edition of 50, 2011
Versus Series II cassette eight: Oakland noise troubadours Nerfbau masterfully craft a dense adventure into the darker reaches of sound. On the flip side junk metal percussionists Jake (Jerk’s Mike Dobrinic & David Russell) bang bang bang away on their first release in five years.

Ryan Jewell v. Bbob Drake & David Russell

ASR077 Ryan Jewell v. Bbob Drake & David Russell split | c50 edition of 120, 2011
Versus Series II cassette seven: Side A is a live recording of Columbus, Ohio based electro-acoustic percussionist Ryan Jewell on his home turf at Skylab. Ryan's live sets are meaningfully patient displays of ingenious object play amplified via snare drum et al. This live document is a window into one of my personal favorite sound artists showcasing his decisive nature. Side B finds Bbob Drake (fluxmonkey) and David Russell (Collapsed Arc) exploring the finer details of their handmade rigs at Negative Space recording studio with John Delzoppo manning the board. "Scatterer" presents Drake and Russell's collaborative ability to create deeply engaging textural soundscapes. Pro-dubbed cassettes.

Buffalo Ride v. Nick Hoffman

ASR076 Buffalo Ride v. Nick Hoffman split | c30 edition of 50, 2011
Versus Series II cassette six: Andrew Scott Young (Tiger Hatchery) & David Russell (Collapsed Arc) combine acoustics in this tour-de-force of free jazz noise while Chicago's Nick Hoffman (Katchmare / Pilgrim Talk) presents yet another facet in his wide repertoire of experimental music with a simple yet imaginative piece of double trumpet.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman v. Jason Rodriguez & David Russell

ASR075 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman v. Jason Rodriguez & David Russell split | c30 edition of 50, 2011
Versus Series II cassette five: Space cadet Ryan Kuehn (Dead Peasant Insurance) throws some synth in the deep fryer with a second course of mechanical filth from Jason Rodriguez & David Russell (Collapsed Arc).

Dead Peasant Insurance v. Fascist Insect

ASR074 Dead Peasant Insurance v. Fascist Insect split | c20 edition of 75, 2011
Versus Series II cassette four: This brash showing of Cleveland anti-authority pits scum auteurs Dead Peasant Insurance against the face slaying grind of Fascist Insect. F.I. side recorded by Black Bloc live in Buffalo on 9.11.10 and mastered by Wyatt Howland.

Shadows v. Hostage Pageant

ASR073 Shadows v. Hostage Pageant split | c30 edition of 50, 2011
Versus Series II cassette three: Double distortion lies from Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) & David Russell (Collapsed Arc) conspire with an abrasive gauntlet of decay from Virginia’s Shane Church. Shadows' first lie recorded by Lisa Miralia live on The Mysterious Black Box on WCSB 89.3 Cleveland. Hostage Pageant side mastered by Wyatt Howland.

Plague Mother v. Jerk

ASR072 Plague Mother v. Jerk split | c30 edition of 50, 2011
Versus Series II cassette two: Classic Cleveland noise electronics by Roman J (Arsonist’s Prayer) pitted against two pieces by Jerk in improv mode with Wyatt Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance) on guitar. Jerk side recorded by John Delzoppo.

Ay/Arc v. Totem Mold Growth

ASR071 Ay/Arc v. Totem Mold Growth split | c30 edition of 50, 2011
Versus Series II cassette one: Adrian Bertolone (Ay Fast) & David Russell (Collapsed Arc) craft four concise pieces of cacophony in full color while Mike Haley (Wether) maps some very cerebral territory.

Shadows Bane Rides a T-Rex

ASR070 Shadows "Bane Rides a T-Rex" | c30 edition of 30, 2010
This back breaking second cassette from Shadows finds Howland/Russell crafting blackened instrumental drone and texture. Also includes studio recordings of Shadows' Wu-Tang covers from Halloween 2010. Be there to witness the trainwreck of Noise and Hip-Hop. Cover art by Daniel Luvisi.

Shadows Batman Covered In Rats

ASR069 Shadows "Batman Covered In Rats" | c30 edition of 30, 2010
Howland/Russell debut as "Shadows" with the first of several Batman themed tapes. Side A is a collection of improvisations and outtakes including a cover of BLOODYMINED's "Over Before You Know It". Side B is a trio collaboration with Ryley Walker (Naked Island / Wyoming) on guitar. Roman J (Arsonist's Prayer / Plague Mother) guests on side A. Cover art by Jerry Bingham.

Jerk Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape

ASR068 Jerk "Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape" | c30 edition of 50, 2010
Live document from Jerk’s third “final show”. Recorded by Ryan Kuehn at The Cool Ranch in Cleveland on May 23rd, 2010. David goes all VH-1 Storytellers for this nine song “greatest hits” set. 50% frenetic noise rock, 50% crowd banter and storytelling while the band catches their breath between songs. Jerk live shows are as intense as they come, reminds me a lot of the Sightings live tape from Spite.

The David Russell Snake Insomnia In Stereo

ASR067 The David Russell Snake "Insomnia In Stereo" | c60 edition of 4, 2010
The Snake is back! Sixty minutes of non-stop voice and drum machine during yet another sleepless night in Cleveland. Later, this material would be cut and looped for the Collapsed Arc recordings "In Confidence" and "Dispelled". Private edition of 4 with unique handmade covers.

SpacedoG Stone Age Haa

ASR066 SpacedoG "Stone Age Haa" | cd-r edition of 50, 2010
Dead Peasant Insurance chanteuse Amanda Howland fights her way through ten minutes of angular solo guitar, feedback and vocal expression. Expansive, reductive, reclusive and ostensibly enchanting. Recorded in glorious lo-fidelity by her brother Wyatt Howland.

Beardo Bandini Erie

ASR065 Beardo Bandini "Erie" | cd-r edition of 50, 2010
I love this band! The always alluring Beardo Bandini concoct a mix of dark noise pop and basement jams that take me back to a time when starting up a band meant anything was possible. Last year I started trading tapes with Beardo's Justin Johnson, he said he always wanted to have a picture-disc release so he collaged objects on an anonymous unplayable 7" and mailed it out to me... Beardo's adventurous do-it-yourself attitude has captured the hearts and ears of Cleveland and now A Soundesign is proud to introduce their sound to a world outside of the Rust Belt. "Gettin' weird over here inside the haunted house."

Purple Hayes

ASR064 V/A "Purple Hayes" | cd-r edition of 40, 2010
This compilation of San Francisco noise artists was assembled for a show at The Golden Trapper Keeper in June 2010. Everyone on this comp either lives at or practices at the Hayes house. Contributions from Nathan Bowers, Chad Corbi, Greg Garbage, Derek Gedalecia, Gumball and artist-in-residence David Russell.

Quiet Light Water Gap

ASR063 Quiet Light Water Gap "June 18th, 1985" | c30 edition of 50, 2010
Exquisite sound dissection from Ohio's Quiet Light Water Gap. “June 18th, 1985” is a cerebral audio collage of appropriated voice, natural occurrences and other calculated intonations. Dada flip the light unwound space in round again.

Collapsed Arc

ASR062 Collapsed Arc "Sexual Sublimation" | c30 edition of 50, 2010
Non-musical field recordings, audio documents and a touch of piano from David Russell. Performance recordings of Nathan Bowers, Jim W. Chimney, Leo Dilloway and Andrew Scott Young are collaged together over three states complete with burning sheet music and contact miked trees. New direction Arc.

Ben Baker Billington David Russell Stempowski

ASR061 Ben Billington & David Russell “Blue Danube” | c30 edition of 30, 2010
Chicago percussionists Ben Billington (Tiger Hatchery) and David Russell (Jerk) craft playfully syncopated compositions with synthesizers.

Relentless Corpse & A.C. v. Neckhold

ASR060 Relentless Corpse & A.C. / Neckhold split | c30 edition of 40, 2010
Corpse meets Coltrane recorded in the Hate Basement in 2009, paired with straight bangin' Aussies, Neckhold. Brutal murk meets pedal hoppin' power.

Jerk Some Sirens

ASR059 Jerk “Some Sirens” | c30 edition of 50, 2010
Jerk's first studio recording in three years featuring Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) on guitar. "Some Sirens" is a mixture of visceral improvisations and frenetic songs including a cover of Nirvana's "Negative Creep". This is Jerk's best offering to date cut from the sessions for their forthcoming LP. "Under a curtain of deadly water, avoid the sharp snare." Co-released with Bananas Eat Girl. Art by Adrian Bertolone.

Tiger Hatchery

ASR058 Tiger Hatchery “Tiger Hatchery” | c35 edition of 100, 2010
Two live offerings from the preeminent Chicago free music trio. From a whisper to a roar Tiger Hatchery are one of most engaging bands performing today. Breathe it in. Recorded in Ithaca, NY and Athens, OH in 2009.

Howland/Russell Black Cassette II

ASR057 Howland/Russell “Black Cassette II” | c30 edition of 50, 2009
An all black affair by Cleveland’s dynamic duo, Wyatt Howland & David Russell. Eight concise compositions of texture, voice and feedback recorded at The Cool Ranch in winter 2009. A true classic revealing that the moon is just the sun at night. Track B1 features Ryan Kuehn (Dr. Quinn / Hot Air Balloon Ride).

Ay & David Russell split

ASR056 Ay & David Russell split | c62 edition of 50, 2009
Showcasing solo recordings from Adrian Bertolone and David Russell (aka Ay/Arc), this split tape is a dissection of their frenetic noise/punk band Jerk. The Ay side offers three compositions of digital-noise deterioration. Russell’s side is a patchwork of six exercises in voice and percussion. Co-released with Bananas Eat Girl. Cover art by Adrian Bertolone.

Docile Dawn Pulsar Music

ASR055 Docile Dawn “Pulsar Music” | c23 edition of 50, 2009
Playfully zoned synth compositions fluttering in like cosmic emissions. Recorded live at Beachwood Place in late Summer 2009 by Samuel Goldberg and Jeff Host.

Skin Graft Dirge

ASR054 Skin Graft “Dirge” | 7” edition of 300, 2009
An instant classic, two years in the making... “Dirge” showcases what Wyatt Howland does best, pummel and grind. This record is a black assault with a deeply personal feel, like a perpetrator caressing you into eternal sleep with a set of pipe wrenches. Co-released with Mistake By The Lake.
Tanked Downer

ASR053 Tanked “Downer” | c16 edition of 30, 2009
This Tanked “mixtape” showcases three incarnations of the noise metal project. The A side re-presents the classic quartet doom of “Car Crash” from the previous release “An Execution” paired with a Howland/Russell composition, “Waterboard”, from their first session with drummer J Guy. The B side finds David Russell and J Guy in improvisation with 15 year old punk guitarist Gabe Bly.

Jerk 2003-2007

ASR052 Jerk “2003-2007” | c40 edition of 25, 2009
A 40 minute Jerk retrospective in honor of their reunion. Spans all three incarnations of the band from the original trio of Adrian Bertolone (Ay / Ken Rei), David Russell (Relentless Corpse / Tanked) and Michael Dobrinic to the axe-wielding days with Erick Hughes (Golden Error) and later, Justin Coulter (Roué / Tanked). Cleveland’s finest frenetic noise and drum corps. “My open casket, that’s when it stops.”

Terra Nova is all a Flutter

ASR051 Terra Nova “Is All a Flutter” | c10 edition of 25, 2009
This second installment from David and Delina Russell is a volatile mix of dissonant beauty and trembling flora.

Bee Mask v. EnvenomistBee Mask v. EnvenomistBee Mask v. Envenomist

ASR050 Bee Mask v. Envenomist split | 12” edition of 400, 2011
The final installment in the ASR “Versus” split series brings together two of my personal favorite artists for the first 12” vinyl release from A Soundesign. Side A finds Philadelphia sound artist (and Cleveland export) Chris Madak crafting a rich and versatile interlacing culled from seven years worth of electro-acoustic recordings. “In the Mise en Abîme” is a Bee Mask masterwork composed from the same sessions that produced the “Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico” LP released on Spectrum Spools earlier this year. Side B bestows you with three deeply pensive pieces by Columbus synth auteur David Reed (Luasa Raelon / Brittle Foundries). Envenomist consistently produces a lush mixture of contemplation and distress evoking Abstract Expressionism and industrial decay in my mind. The artwork, is a simplistic and ethereal delight designed by Chicago artist Daniel G. Baird. Included within the package is a fragment of metallized polyethylene terephthalate formed into a topographical land map. The listener is encouraged to manipulate the form as a tactile exercise adding to the synesthetic experience of the record. Screen-printed at Superelectric by Benjamin Haehn and David Russell.

Robert Turman v. Neon Depth

ASR049 Robert Turman v. Neon Depth split | c29 edition of 120, 2011
The ninth tape in the ASR "Versus" split series is a disorienting voyage into the depths. On Side A Robert Turman (co-founder of NON and frequent collaborator with Aaron Dilloway) masterfully reassembles looped portions of Neon Depth. Robert creates a stark post-industrial nightmare with a bone chilling collision of siren and serenity. Side B is the original track that Robert used to construct "The Depth of Neon" with. "An Index of Right & Wrong" is an anxiety laden trip taken from a 2008 collab between John Elliott (Outer Space) & David Russell (Collapsed Arc). Pro-dubbed cassettes graciously mastered by Wyatt Howland.

Dying Comes Alive! v. Head Boggle

ASR048 Dying Comes Alive! v. Head Boggle split | c30 edition of 75, 2010
The eighth tape in the ASR “Versus” split series is a collision of scum noise and in-situ synth from two San Francisco acts. Side A finds David Russell (Jerk) and Nathan Russell (Coagulator / Tusco Terror) getting gross while blackout drunk after a Christmas party in 2008. Side B is a brilliantly irreverent piece of dada synth as Derek competes with a totally inept crowd resulting in a perfect pairing of performance and environment.

David Russell v. Andrew Kirschner

ASR047 David Russell v. Andrew Kirschner split | c20 edition of 50, 2009
The seventh tape in the ASR “Versus” series finds two members of Relentless Corpse going head to head. First up, Russell collages 8 clips of swindled A.D.D. percussion and voice. Then Kirschner rages 10 minutes of pure contact mic hatred on metal.

Forbes/Young Duet v. J Guy Laughlin

ASR046 Forbes/Young Duet v. J Guy Laughlin split | c20 edition of 100, 2009
The sixth tape in the ASR “Versus” series pairs acoustic compositions from two of the best acts in contemporary American underground jazz. Side A presents a ferocious workout on saxophone and double bass by Chicago’s Mike Forbes and Andrew Young (both of Tiger Hatchery). Side B contains a solo drumkit performance by Cleveland’s finest free drummer, J Guy Laughlin (Dead Peasant Insurance / Puffy Areolas).

Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan v. Jeff Host

ASR045 Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan v. Jeff Host split | c20 edition of 75, 2009
The fifth tape in the ASR "Versus" series pairs Chicago dance noise duo Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan with Kent, Ohio zoned jammer Jeff Host. On the A side PPPMMM assault with fuzzed out beats, electronics and theremin cues like a chemical burn to the senses. Side B finds Host cooking up a brutal slow burn with processed guitar. These two make for the perfect pairing, bon appetite!

Skin Graft v. Wether

ASR044 Skin Graft v. Wether split | c20 edition of 90, 2009
The fourth tape in the ASR "Versus" series presents a pissed narrative from Cleveland's Skin Graft pitted against a dark landscape crafted by Delaware's Wether. For starters Wyatt Howland breaks and enters your home, deal with it. Then Mike Haley dishes out some seriously industrial abuse.

Face Worker v. Slave Trade

ASR043 Face Worker v. Slave Trade split | c16 edition of 60, 2009
The third tape in the ASR "Versus" series showcases two sides of Chicago's Brett Naucke (Druids of Huge / Catholic Tapes). The Face Worker track is a beautiful exercise in synthesizer aerodynamics, classic. The Slave Trade side digs deep into dirt, rumbling through into subterranean texture.

Samuel Goldberg v. Body Morph

ASR042 Samuel Goldberg v. Body Morph split | c20 edition of 90, 2009
The second tape in the ASR "Versus" series pairs up Cleveland luminary Samuel Goldberg with Michigan skronker Body Morph (Uneven Universe / EXBX). Sam gets back to basics on side A, with a cascading synth piece seared in nightshade. Then, Body Morph squeals and burns his way through the atmosphere with some intense noise-sax.

Coagulator v. Futuresport

ASR041 Coagulator v. Futuresport split | c10 edition of 72, 2009
The first split tape in the ASR "Versus" series pairs up Cleveland scummer Coagulator (Dirty Lords / Tusco Terror) with the prolific Chicago synth of Futuresport (Sky Limousine). Coagulator's offering sounds like doom in slow motion churned by an autistic child. The Futuresport side is a delightful piece that feels like a stoned sunday morning.

Terra Nova Progress Station

ASR040 Terra Nova “Progress Station” | c20 edition of 12, 2009
First time collaboration between husband and wife, David and Delina Russell, "Progress Station" is a discombobulated mix of voice and percussion.

Avulva Accent Thief Weighted Ghost

ASR039 Avulva Accent Thief “Weighted Ghost” | c?? edition of 12, 2009
Mysterious organ loop tape found in a broken Walkman in Cleveland Heights on garbage day. Side A is a slight reworking of the piece by David Russell, Side B is the organ loop intact. Made as an edition of 12 in varying lengths.

Howland/Russell & Billington/Russell split

ASR038 Howland/Russell & Billington/Russell split | c20 edition of 30, 2009
Side A is a pulsing, dark collab between Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell, recorded at their final Cleveland session before Russell moved to Chicago. Side B is a sputtering composition of voice, percussion and synth recorded during the second meeting of Ben Billington (Druids of Huge / Tiger Hatchery) and David Russell.

Nyodene D Snow Falling, Sparrows Overhead

ASR037 Nyodene D “Snow Falling, Sparrows Overhead” | c20 edition of 50, 2009
Nyodene D rages killer power electronics in Athens, Ohio. Harsh winter jams courtesy of Aaron Vilk. Weaving feedback, voice and minimal beats into a murderous narrative. Art by David Russell and Delina Russell.

Fragments Ambrosial Filaments

ASR036 Fragments “Ambrosial Filiments” | c30 edition of 90, 2009
Two simmering synth tracks from Cleveland’s Jeff Hatfield (Field of Hats) and Zach Troxell (Relentless Corpse). Fragments follows up their Hanson tape with two beautifully hypnotic minimalist compositions.

Christmas 2008

ASR035 V/A “Christmas Tape 2008” | 2x c40 edition of 40, 2008
This double tape comp boasts a huge roster of noise and synth acts from northeast Ohio and beyond. Made for the Tusco Terror annual Wassail Party, this is the third installment in the "Christmas Tape" series. Co-released with Tusco/Embassy. Art by Nathan Bowers, Nathaniel Murray and David Russell.

Tanked An Execution

ASR034 Tanked “An Execution” | c30 edition of 30, 2008

The second album from Cleveland noise-metal quartet Tanked. Tanked is David Russell, Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft), Justin Coulter and J Guy Laughlin. “An Execution” plows through 5 grind-doom-noise tracks recorded for their December 2008 tour with Outer Space. Cd-r version released by SKSK.

Emeralds Fresh Air

ASR033 Emeralds “Fresh Air” | 7" edition of 420, 2009
At long last, A Soundesign is pleased to present the first 7" record by Cleveland's Emeralds. "Fresh Air" is a glimmering example of why Emeralds are one of the most loved progressive synth bands in the world. Side A is a cycling of sounds unlike anything you've heard from them before, truly beautiful and uplifting. Side B is a bit more subdued and hypnotic, a real space odyssey.

Outer Space Hydrogen

ASR032 Outer Space “Hydrogen” | c14 edition of 100, 2008
Two haunted, bubbling, flame talking synth tracks from the latest project by John Elliott (Emeralds / Lilypad) featuring Cleveland luminary Ralph Hausmannon synth and archeolo-jammer Delina Russell on drocals.

Relentless Corpse Peter Criss

ASR031 Relentless Corpse “Peter Criss” | c18 edition of 50, 2008
Solo compositions from each of the 4 Corpse members: David Russell (Jerk), Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft), Zach Troxell (Fragments) and Andrew Kirschner (Mistake By The Lake). The DR/WH side is a scattered terror assault, while the ZT/AK side floats on with a singular simplicity.

Hackles & Assassin Whole Mouth Mouth split

ASR030 Hackles & Assassin Whole Mouth Mouth split | c40 edition of 100, 2008
This second split from A Soundesign pairs Pittsburgh's Hackles (members of Grackles / Shep & Me) with Assassin Whole Mouth Mouth (members of Tanked / Proletarian Art Threat) from Cleveland. Hackles contribution is a musical conversation between a cowboy and a cactus performed live as a conceptual piece. The Assassin side is an exquisite corpse of dada-noise-jazz-skronk recorded all over Cleveland. Art by Nathaniel Murray and David Russell.

Ophibre Alibi For Melting

ASR029 Ophibre “Alibi for Melting” | cd-r edition of 32, 2008
Ophibre is Ben Rossignal from Boston who throughly impressed me with his "Composition for Disassembled Cassette". "Alibi for Melting" is a dark and contemplative rich drone that feels more like sunset than sunrise as it screeches through filters of grit and texture coloring it into night.

Talking and Singing, Buddy's House

ASR028 “Talking and Singing, Buddy's House” | c60 edition of 30, 2008
I found this gem at Jamie's Flea Market in Amherst, Ohio while scavenging with Dilloway. Created during a family Christmas party, the tape sounds like a Dada sound collage as everyone from the kids to the crazy uncle gets in on the action. Old world European singing, Christmas carols, children experimenting with tape and general tom foolery collide. Reproduced in its original state, you will not believe the audio remains untouched by noise hands.

Aesthetic Black Suicide Proof

ASR027 Aesthetic Black “Suicide Proof” | cd-r edition of 40, 2008
Cleveland studio session featuring Ben Billington (Druids of Huge / Tiger Hatchery), Justin Coulter (Jerk / Tanked), Jeff Host (Goose / Percolator) and David Russell (Jerk / Tanked). "Suicide Proof" is an inspired collection of stoned avant rock compositions from these long time friends and collaborators.

Rot Ton Bone Spare the rot, spoil the bone

ASR026 Rot Ton Bone “Spare the Rot, Spoil the Bone” | c84 edition of 100, 2008
Ben Osborne (Tusco Terror) at his finest, recorded during an "Experimental Pizza" night at the Grog Shop in Cleveland on May 3rd, 2008. This live document rages hard as the Bone devastates the crowd with disgustingly brutal tape loops and voice for 42 minutes until he gets his “whiskey encore”. Half way through things get interesting as Stoney belligerently confronts the crowd, annihilating everything that’s not bolted down. The tape opens with the infamous “Eye of the Tiger” DJ mix by Ryan Kuehn (Thursday Club / Hot Air Balloon Ride). An instant noise classic so brutal you'll be relieved it's only a one sider! Art by Ben Osborne and David Russell.

Tanked Tanked

ASR025 Tanked “Tanked” | c18 edition of 50, 2008
Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft / Relentless Corpse) and David Russell (Jerk / Relentless Corpse) are joined by drummer J. Guy Laughlin (Assassin Whole Mouth Mouth) for three compositions of structured avant free metal. Sick syncopation, feedback squelching grindcore and pissed lurching power electronics.

Relentless Corpse Initial Decay

ASR024 Relentless Corpse “Initial Decay” | cd-r edition of 30, 2008
Debut release from Ohio scumlords Relentless Corpse. Four compositions of exquisite decay and blackened lungs by Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft), Andrew Kirschner (Mistake By The Lake), David Russell (Jerk) and Zach Troxell (Fragments). Old school industrial meets Tuscarawas grime.

Leavenworth & Reverend Rhodes

ASR023 Leavenworth & Reverend Rhodes “Leavenworth & Reverend Rhodes” | cd-r edition of 100, 2009
This album from Wichita’s Phil Ross (5nakefork) and Ryan Rodine is a polished narrative of epic proportions. Ross and Rodine masterfully blend synth themes into a palpable mix of inspiration and anguish.

Wyatt Howland & David Russell Early American Witches

ASR022 Howland/Russell “Early American Witches” | c42 edition of 30, 2008
Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell (Jerk) go deep for their third release channeling black magic. "Early American Witches" contains Howland/Russell's first song sketches recorded for a January 2008 tour with Bee Mask. Co-released with SKSK.

Skin Graft Beg

ASR021 Skin Graft “Beg” | cd-r edition of 50, 2007
Brooding amorphuos power-electronics from Wyatt Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance). "Beg" is a pissed, glitched-out black on black attack.

Free Time Hang Time

ASR020 Free Time "Hang Time" | cd-r edition of 70, 2007
Sam Goldberg (Radio People / Mist) and Mark McGuire (Emeralds) come together for the first time as Free Time. Absolutely beautiful and entrancing guitar and synth from two of Cleveland's brightest.

Howland/Kuehn/Russell Black Cassette

ASR019 Howland/Kuehn/Russell “Black Cassette” | c42 edition of 50 + cd-r edition of 30, 2007
Side A: Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell (Jerk) gnash out 2 bleak compositions live and in studio.  Side B: Howland/Russell are joined by Ryan Kuehn (Thursday Club / Pedalphile) for 20 brutal minutes of blackened noise-electronics.

Bowers/Russell Duo & Tusco Terror split

ASR018 Bowers/Russell Duo & Tusco Terror split | c20 edition of of 50, 2007
Side A: Nathan Bowers (Tusco Terror) and David Russell (Jerk) concoct 10 minutes of pill-fed electro-acoustic improv nonsense. Side B: Akron noise unit Tusco Terror recorded live at Parish Hall, Cleveland in August 2007.

Jerk The Word No Twice

ASR017 Jerk “The Word No Twice” | cd-r edition of 70, 2007
The Zombie Proof outtakes, including a cover of the Ministry classic “Stigmata”, paired with several additional tracks from the vault including 2 with Erick Hughes (Golden Error). Art by Michael Dobrinic and David Russell.

David Russell Fragments

SND016 David Russell “Fragments” | cd-r edition of 30, 2007
First solo release by David Russell (Jerk) in 4 years. Contains twelve compositions recorded to Tascam 4 track between 2005-07.

Jerk A Frenetic Menace

SND015 Jerk “A Frenetic Menace (Advance)” | cd-r edition of 40, 2007
Often referred to as Jerk's "magnum opus", "A Frenetic Menace" is the second album proper by Jerk. Recorded by Paul Maccarrone at Zombie Proof in Cleveland on David’s 30th birthday. This is the cd-r advance copy, available prior to the Tower Control pro-pressed cd release.

Howland/Russell Grinding Ones

SND014 Howland/Russell “Grinding Ones” | cd-r edition of 30, 2007
"Grinding Ones" is the first recorded encounter of Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and David Russell (Jerk). Three compositions of dark textural noise improvisation reminiscent of early Hanson noise. Co-released with SKSK with alternate art by Wyatt Howland.

Bowers/Russell Come All End

SND013 Bowers/Russell “Come All End” | cd-r edition of 30, 2006
Twenty-nine minutes of A.D.D. electro-acoustic improv nonsense by Nathan Bowers (Tusco Terror) and David Russell (Jerk). Co-released with Tusco/Embassy. Cover art by Nathan Bowers.

Jake Two Vices

SND012 Jake “Two Vices.” | cd-r edition of 30, 2006
"Two Vices" is the third in a series of percussive improv recordings by David Russell (Jerk), this time accompanied by Sam Goldberg (Series / The Pages) on guitar and effects.

Jerk Some Snakes

SND011 Jerk “Some Snakes” | cd-r edition of 66, 2006
An eclectic mix of instrumental improvs and noise rock songs. Erick Hughes is replaced by Justin Coulter (Roué) on baritone guitar.

Terrorist Other T.O.

SND010 Terrorist Other “T.O.” | cd edition of 100, 2006
The only album by disbanded Cleveland No Wavers Terrorist Other. The band broke up before the album saw release, I couldn't let this one go unheard so I took matters into my own hands and packaged 100 copies of this Rust Belt gem two years after it's pressing. RFK at www.monotremata.com writes: “...frantic, fractured song structures, hyperkinetic tempos, frenzied shouting, and truly strange guitar riffs. The songs are short and springy, often filled with moments of crazed runaway energy, and driven by bizarre yet catchy riffs that frequently devolve into something else entirely.”

Jake Domicile

SND009 Jake “Domicile” | cd-r edition of 30, 2006
Scrambled electro-acoustic percussion excursion with David Russell and Michael Dobrinic of Jerk. This album is the direct result of David and Michael's tenure as percussionists in Scarcity of Tanks and Thee Dropout Interviews.

Jake doesn't have an album

SND008 Jake “Doesn’t have an album” | cd-r edition of 30, 2006
Four tracks of bustling avant-rock improvisation by David Russell and Michael Dobrinic of Jerk with Sam Goldberg (Series / The Pages) on guitar.

Jerk Reverse Vampire

SND007 Jerk “Reverse Vampire” | cd edition of 300, 2006
The first album proper by Jerk with Erick Hughes (Tokyo Storm Warning / Golden Error) on bass guitar. Menacing white-noise avant rock collides with smooth Casio instrumentals. Co-released with Banana Seat Girl. Art by Adrian Bertolone and David Russell.

Jerk Ini Kamoze

SND006 Jerk “Ini Kamoze” | 3” cd-r edition of 10 + cd-r edition of 30, 2005
An audio sketchbook of song fragments and practice session recordings. Erick Hughes joins the band playing bass on "Cobra" and "Jimmy Sled Dog" while John Kalman (Roué) plays guitar and drums on "JK47". Cover art by Adrian Bertolone.

Jerk Works

SND005 Jerk “Works” | cd-r edition of 30, 2005
A collection of outstanding tracks from the first 4 Jerk releases. A proper bookend to the trio days as Jerk moves forward as a quartet.

Jerk A-pox on Jerk

SND004 Jerk “A-Pox on Jerk” | cd-r edition of 30, 2005
The definitive Jerk trio album recorded live on 89.3 WCSB Cleveland with 3 additional multi-track studio compositions.

Jerk Fuck Action

SND003 Jerk “Fuck Action” | 3” cd edition of 500, 2004
The third release by Jerk finds the noise trio beginning to develop songs out of their electronics, drums and voice improvisations.

Jerk Guitar is a dead scene, jerk

SND002 Jerk “Guitar is a dead scene, jerk” | cd-r edition of 50, 2004
The second release by Jerk boasts the potential of a guitarless band. Follows the same formula as the debut release: live improv songs intermixed with multi-track studio compositions. Art by Michael Dobrinic and David Russell.

Jerk Jerk

SND001 Jerk “Jerk” | cd-r edition of 50, 2004
Cleveland noise auteurs debut release. One half improv based songs recorded live on 89.3 WCSB Cleveland in 2003, one half multi-track studio compositions. This is where it all begins. Art by Adrian Bertolone and David Russell.

Additional ASR Releases:

The David Russell Snake "Kitty Come Home"

The David Russell Snake "Kitty Come Home" | endless c3 edition of 4, 2012
I had 4 endless loop tapes siting around so I made an endless Snake cassette in a private edition of 4.

A Soundesign Christmas Showcase 2010

V/A “A Soundesign Christmas Showcase 2010” | c90 edition of 4, 2010
Private edition of 4 mix tape featuring previously released tracks from each of the 8 acts on the A Soundesign Christmas Showcase gig at Bela Dubby in Lakewood, Ohio on December 18th, 2010.

ASR Archive Selections 2003-09

V/A "ASR Archive Selections 2003-09" | cd-r edition of 32, 2010
Thirteen tracks from the ASR vault. David Russell collaborations galore from Cleveland and Chicago as well as a cut from Wyatt Howland & Andrew Kirschner and a rare recording of a brutal two and a half minute Lilypad live set.

David Russell Syn/Arc 16

David Russell "Syn/Arc 16" | c60 edition of 7, 2010
A selection of early recordings by David Russell. Twenty-three multi-instrumental multi-tracked compositions from the synesthesia architect recorded in glorious lo-fidelity 2001-06.

David Russell Synesthesia

David Russell "Synesthesia [Selected Works]" | c42 edition of 6, 2008
A selection of early home recordings by David Russell. Synesthesia abounds through keyboard, piano, xylophone, percussion and four track trickery. Record in glorious lo-fidelity 2001-03.

A Soundesign Recording

V/A "A Soundesign Recording: A Selection of Works 2004-08" | cd-r edition of 60, 2008
Selections from out of print albums released on ASR between 2004-08. This all Cleveland affair includes: Relentless Corpse, Jerk, Skin Graft, Free Time, Howland/Russell, Bowers/Russell, Tusco Terror and Terrorist Other.

Jerk Dead

Jerk "Dead" | cd-r edition of 12, 2007
A Soundesign memento moire... Two song fragments from the final Jerk recording session in July 2007. Classic Cleveland brutality.